Mark Manring Recording

Audio Recording

Through the use of digital multi-track recording, state of the art microphones, and 25 years of recording experience, you will have recordings of extraordinary accuracy and richness. All recordings are done on-location, whether it is a concert, recital, audition tape or a recording session. Up to 24 channels can be recorded in any location.

Video Recording

Video is shot in 4K (3840 x 2160 - 3 cameras) and in Hi-Def (1920x1080 - 4 cameras).  Typically I have several wide shots that don't move and a follow shot that pans and zooms to track the action.  A second follow shot is available as well with a second shooter.  An unmanned camera is sometimes used to capture just the conductor or an unusual viewing angle.

The audio is exceptionally high quality and recorded separately.  After the audio mixing, effects and editing are completed, the final soundtrack is brought together and synchronized with the video.  In the video post-processing, the various camera angles are selected, changing throughout the musical piece to provide a pro quality viewing experience.

The final results are typically 4K or Hi-Def YouTube videos.  Other deliverables include 4K and Hi-Def MP4 files,  standard-def DVDs as well as mastered CDs, each by request. 

Concert Video


A Cappella

Auditions / Applications 

Documentary / Informational

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